ETPJ Annual Subscription
Engine Technology Progress In Japan (ETPJ) is published twice a year in April and October in the following three (3) technical areas:
  • Alternative Fuels and Engines (AFE)  (ISSN 1085-6854)
  • Compression-Ignition Engine Technology (CIET)  (ISSN 1085-6919)
  • Spark-Ignition Engine Technology (SIET)  (ISSN 1085-6900)

Each semiannual journal in an Acrobat file is sent to you by email and consists of three parts:

    1. Executive summaries for a quick reference of report content,
    2. Main body of the report summarized and organized into similar topics, and
    3. A list of literature referenced in the report.
The report is written to inform the readers of the valuable essence of referenced literature sources obtained from various technical societies in Japan.

ARIGA TECHNOLOGIES (AT) screens the literature, analyzes the contents, and selects them for the journal. Subsequently, AT summarizes the original report content and presents it so that readers can efficiently acquire the most valuable information.

These journals with summaries contain ample technical data including tables and figures useful for engineering study on each topic. Each journal consists of about 80 pages consisting of about seven (7) chapters, and a well-organized standalone technical journal of the latest engine technology development in Japan.

You can order your annual subscription to ETPJ at anytime for any individual technical area or for all three technical disciplines

Sample journal pages are available on this page by clicking on the report covers above or the specific report areas named at left above. Click on AFE, CIET, or SIET on the tool bar at left to see a sample page with a list of technical subjects and choices of samples for your review.

Shopping cart is set up in the sample journal pages for you to simply click on the button to order your annual subscription of either AFE, CIET, or SIET.  Or you can send AT an order form by fax or mail.  Once the payment is cleared, we will send you ETPJ in an Acrobat file by email.